About the Venue

Whitewater State Park Modern Group Center in Minnesota offers the aesthetics of a summer camp while still providing modern amenities for accessibility. The group center is isolated from the rest of the park, surrounded by limestone cliffs and trees.


There are seven cabins for the players to stay in, each named after a type of animal. Each cabin sleeps 18 in three different rooms - two rooms with four bunkbeds and one room with two singles, all twin-sized beds. The cabins have heat and electricity, but no air conditioning. The beds do not come with bedding, but players will have the option of choosing to bring their own sleeping bag/bedding or renting a linen package.

Cabins will be OOC spaces unless all the cabin inhabitants decide otherwise, and there will be a "quiet" cabin located far away from the lodge, and a "loud" cabin located near the

The interior of a cabin, with bunkbeds, windows, and a cubby for coats.
A paved sidewalk with cabins on the left.

The Group Center

The kitchen is an industrial kitchen with plenty of storage space. Refrigeration for medical purposes is available. The bathroom building is split on two sides that have three shower stalls each.

The lodge, the bathroom, the Ops cabin, and two of the player cabins are wheelchair accessible.

Cell phone service is limited in Whitewater State Park. AT&T gets the best reception (according to the park staff), other providers may not work at all or are limited. There will be a wi-fi hotspot available in the Ops cabin for those who wish to check messages or make calls out.

There are very few outdoor lights, so bring flashlights for nighttime activities.

Lodge interior, showing the dining hall and the central fireplace.

The Lodge

A drinking fountain surrounded by paved paths and the exterior of the bathroom building.

The Bathroom Building

Three shower stalls inside the bathroom building with tiled floors, cinderblock walls, and curtains for privacy.

The showers

The logo of Whitewater State Park, the head of an antlered stag on a white circle.

State Park Rules

All state parks in Minnesota have a strict "no alcohol" law which we will be enforcing.

All vehicles in the park are required to have a vehicle permit. $7.00 day or $35.00 annual. Vehicle permits may be purchased at the Visitor Center during office hours or you may do self-registration 24/7.

No pets are allowed at the Group Center because pets are not allowed in state buildings.

Other information

Average early June weather in Minnesota tends to be in the low 70s during the day and mid 50s at night. Humidity is relatively low in early June as well. Ticks and mosquitos are quite common in areas of high grass and underbrush, so make sure to pack bug spray. Whitewater River is renowned for trout fishing, but if you plan on fishing make sure you acquire a license and a trout stamp.

St. Charles is the town with the most amenities nearby, including a grocery store and some restaurants. It is about 10 minutes south of the park along highway 74.

The limestone cliffs that surround the group center covered in clouds of mist.
An exterior of the Lodge building from the side facing the firepit.

Getting There

The Whitewater State Park Group Center is located in southeastern MN.
The address is
19041 MN-74, Altura, MN 55910


Flying into MSP, the site is about a 2 hour drive south. There is a regional airport in Rochester, MN (RST) which is about half an hour from the site.



There are also shuttles that run every day from MSP to Rochester, but from Rochester you will have to find someone to drive you.