Our Team

Hallie Cannon

(Any pronouns)

Lead Organizer

Hallie is the owner of HeadCannon Creations LLC and has been writing and organizing larps for over a decade, and larping even longer. Their favorite summer camp activities were midnight hikes and watching the fireflies.

Jess Comstock


Safety and Sensitivity Coordinator

You may recognize Jess from Velvet Noir, a handful of blockbuster larps, or conventions on the east coast like Intercon, GenCon, and BlerDCon (to name a few). They've been larping since 2016, and have been staffing games since 2017, focusing mostly on safety and inclusivity, as well as writing and running their own games. When they're not doing that, they are an independent illustrator outside of Washington, D.C. Their favorite parts of summer camp were campfire stories and swimming.

Lia Parisi


Production Designer and Technical Writer

A larper since 2016, Lia has 15+ years of theatrical design experience and a BA in technical theatre. Their favorite camp activity was exploring.

Rebecca Slitt


Lead Writer and Story Coordinator

Becky has been writing, running, and playing larps for more than 25 years; and is the author of the YA paranormal interactive fiction Psy High series. She loves writing larps that play with real-world history, and usually finds that that’s weirder than any stories that she can make up. Her favorite parts of summer camp were singing campfire songs and eating s’mores.

Kate Hill

(she/they )

Writing Team

Kate started larping in 2016 and has been writing, design and especially larp-running since. She co-runs a larp group out in Durham NC, and has worked to build play and inclusion for many larps, along with running her own larp creations at Intercon and Dreamation. Kate loves writing characters for larps, making deeply messy relationship maps, and writing games that evoke specific tones strongly. They loved going on long hikes around twilight and feeding the resident chipmunks.

Teri Blauersouth

(any pronouns)

On-site Counselor

Teri is a counselor with 16 years experience in the field of mental health, and more than a couple years of LARPing and RPing to match. They're here to help with those times when one of those subjects tangles up unpleasantly with the other. Their favorite part of camp was a toss up between archery and s'mores, depending on how their sweet tooth is doing that day.

Mark Zaiken


On-site Nurse

Mark is a registered nurse and has been an avid larper for 20 years. He has close connections to the local theatre and stage combat communities. His favorite parts of summer camp were campfires and hammocks.

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