Uncanny Valley will have a shuttle departing from the MSP Terminal 1 Transit Center at 6pm on Wednesday, June 1st, and 12pm on Thursday, June 2nd. We will have a bus departing the venue at 12pm on Sunday June 5th (which is scheduled to arrive at MSP Terminal 1 at 2pm). Terminals 1 and 2 at MSP are connected via the light rail, which offers free service between the two terminals. Tickets for the bus will be sold separately from the event ticket, with a ticket price of $35.

Buy a bus ticket here.


We are offering linen packages by individual pieces to help keep costs (and labor) down, and so players can purchase more (or less) according to their needs. We encourage our campers to pack a fitted and/or flat sheet and pillowcase if possible, since those are the easiest things to fit in your luggage, and the costliest part of the linens.

You are welcome to keep your linens - we will be laundering and donating what remains after the event - but if you wish to keep anything, that's less for us to transport, so go for it.

Order your linens here.